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Professional Headshot Tips

Ashley BarrettComment

New year, new you, new headshot?

Professional headshots are more important than you might think. Whether you are a business owner, work for a company, or even still in school, your headshot says a lot to your clients/customers or future employer. Your headshot could be the first impression you make on someone, so it should be a good one!

Some tips:

Clothes should be comfortable yet professional.

  • These photos are all about your face, so do not overdue it with too much jewelry or accessories.
  • Avoid big prints and busy patterns, solid neutral colors are best.
  • Bring both a dress shirt/blouse and a jacket/tie for different looks.
  • For ladies, sleeveless tops/dresses can draw attention to your arms. Consider bringing items with longer sleeves.
  • Also for ladies, keep makeup natural and avoid bright colors. You might even consider getting your hair and makeup done professionally, it makes a huge difference!
  • Guys, make sure your hair and facial hair are groomed nicely. 

Other Tips.

  • Bring your previous headshots and make sure you open up to the photographer about what you like/dislike and what you want.
  • Try to relax! The more comfortable you are, the better the photos will turn out!

Below are some examples of clean and simple headshots that I took of Nicole Marchion, an insurance specialist.

Thanks for reading!

xo Ashley Caitlin